Bengaluru tales… giving the Sulthan a visit.

Lalbhag Botanical Garden.

Kote Venkateshwara Temple

The Summer Palace of Tipu Sulthan

Banglore Fort

My little research ( I mean google search) gave me interesting tales of Bengaluru. All those stories somehow pointed to the Banglore Fort always. I had to give it a visit.

Sweety, A single university can have multiple campuses in the same place.

I was perfect on my time of arrival. Registration starts at 11 and I was on the campus at 10:45 am. Except that I was on the wrong campus.
The mistake I made was not to crosscheck the address of the campus on maps with that on the brochure. Google Maps showed just one Jain University, so I did not bother to check. My bad. I had caught three buses and the battery was at 3% by the time I reached the wrong campus. ( I had extensively used GPS throughout the bus rides). I was exhausted. The receptionist told me there was 40 km to the other campus — basically out of Banglore. I searched again and again with different names, different combinations, the maps just showed none. How is that possible?



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Enfa Rose George


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