I have been doing a lot of shopping through Amazon lately. The ease at which I find most products on Amazon got me thinking, how does it even work? I mean, there are millions of products on Amazon. How do they search and sort through this large data pile and get me what I want? I looked up a few resources online, and this is a summary of what I learned. I want to share what I understood in this blog, in case you have been wondering too.


Aspirant? Check this sweet repo to get you starting and going. I am still working on the resources for preparation and it should be updated soon. 3>

It’s the application season again! The Google WomenTechMaker Scholarship applications for 2020 have opened and I am sure a lot of you aspirants are looking for guidance or any tips as to how to crack it. So here goes my take on this.

This blog is not intended to tell you exactly what you need to do to crack but intended to help you put forward an application that showcases the best of…

This is the first of the blog series which is largely based on this talk. We shall briefly discuss the concept of differentiation in this one.

Automatic.. aha, nice. Differentiation — Leave me Alone!!

Math is quite a scary matter to kids and adults alike, at least most of us. One of my consistent nightmares in high school was trying to find the differential or integral of a complex expression, burn so many hours and pages on it, just to get stuck or wrong somewhere. …

What will you learn in this blog?

You will learn about some basic usages in pandas that helps you process your data like iloc, isnull(),head(). You will learn about Encoding — why and types — LabelEncoder and One Hot Encoder. We will also see how Random Forest Classifier can be trained and on how confusion matrixes help us determine the accuracy of our model. We would be using sklearn throughout the blog

Find the kaggle kernel here and github project here


Of all the cases of cancer, Breast cancer is a rather common one. In fact in the United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer…


Controversial Title I admit.Hoping for a less controversial, more opening discussions type of article. Strictly Personal Opinion. Fingers crossed.

But this is exactly how a lot of Women In Tech community leaders feel when they get queries like these.

“Can you send two girls to my event next week?”

“Do you have 5 Female Javascript Developers?”

“Do you have 10 participants for the startup program for my college?”

Tell me if this doesn’t have a tone like “Can I have two packets of Noodles please?”

Back in August 2017, when myself and Sreepriya attended the ICFOSS women’s hackathon, Women…

I was digging through some of my old projects last day and came across a really simple one I did when I got started with python — TwitterTrack.

You might have noticed in the last hackathon or conference that you were attending, on the big LED screen tweets tagging the event are displayed live. I built a really simple basic model of this in my first year. These were some really simple ones that I did initially which really boosted my confidence and belief that I can code too. …

I have been on another state of India than Kerala just three times, school tour to Mysore, to visit a family friend at Sumanahalli and when all direct routes from Wayanad were closed last rainy season. These don’t count since they never gave me a feel of what the place was really like, not a cent.

Hence going to Banglore meant a big deal. Unfortunately, the last two times I planned, it did not happen. My redBus canceled tickets stand proof to that. 😞It was then that my class teacher Bency ma’am asked if I would be interested to attend…

This is how the morning affirmation that I try to read everyday looked like. I wrote this on January 1st 2018 as a action entry from 10 years later. The idea was to place the goals which I felt were impossible innocently hidden between the lines. Cutting out personal parts with triple dots.

“ I woke up in my bed, well rested after a calm sleep. I pushed off my blanket to a side, caught my hand to roll up my hair to a bun and headed out to brush my teeth… This might be a city, but these long…

The best way to introduce GT is perhaps, the way my lecturer Ms.Radhika did — with the Konisberg Bridge Problem.

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a historically notable problem in mathematics. It goes like this.


The city of Königsberg in Prussia which is now known as Kaliningrad, Russia) was set on both sides of the Pregel River. It included two large islands — Kneiphof and Lomse. These landmasses were connected to each other, or to the two mainland portions of the city, by seven bridges, as shown in the actual map above.

Problem Statement: Plan a route through the…

I came across a week old mail in my updates tab,a rather surprising mail, that from medium.

Because I couldn’t actually grasp the logic behind the achievement, I doubted if it was true even. It really could be a poor joke. But then, I checked out the top writers ranking of medium here. There it was! Rank #12.

Well, wow! and a huge THANK YOU! but then…

But the whole logic of it guys!? It’s just honestly sad!

Ofcourse I was happy, it was quite an unexpected surprise. Who in my line of work, wouldn’t like a Top writer in Women in Tech tag? …

Enfa Rose George

Sipping my coffee in a warm cafe, a book in hand, waiting for my DL model to finish training

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